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Dousman, WI is a growing community with a great mix of long-time residents and new arrivals. If you own a home in Dousman, or are looking for property in the area, you need a reliable home inspector to make sure everything is safe and sound. Reach out to Sun City Inspections to schedule your home inspection today.

Our local office allows us to respond with prompt and professional inspection services. We're proud of our deep roots in the Dousman, WI community and our role in helping homeowners make informed decisions about their property.

Uncover hidden costs and dangers lurking in your home

Older homes throughout the Dousman, WI area require frequent inspections to ensure everything is safe and sound. Hire us for:

  • Radon inspections-this odorless, colorless gas can sometimes be found with higher-than-normal levels in Dousman. Prolonged exposure has been linked to lung cancer.
  • Thermal inspections-use state-of-the-art equipment to find drafts and energy loss around older door frames and windows. A thermal inspection can help you reduce your energy costs over time.
  • Warranty inspections-sometimes, construction isn't completed to the highest quality. A warranty inspection can uncover errors and weak-points in your home, documenting these issues as proof for your benefit.

In any real estate transaction, knowledge is power. Consult with your local home inspector in Dousman, WI to learn more about our services.