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Don't Let Your Builder Warranty Expire on You

We provide one-year warranty inspections in Madison, Oconomowoc, and Spencer, WI

Is your builder warranty expiring soon? Don't let the clock run out before you inspect your property for potential issues. Sun City Inspections offers one-year warranty inspections at properties in Sun Prairie & Madison, WI. We'll identify any problems that need to be repaired before your warranty with your contractor expires.

We're licensed by the state to inspect residential and commercial properties. You can depend on us for an efficient inspection and report within 24 hours of its completion. Contact us today to get your one-year warranty inspection completed ASAP.

Why do you need a one-year warranty inspection?

Your home may seem fine, but a closer look could expose a number of issues. Take a look below at some of the benefits of one-year warranty inspections:

  • We can catch defects that weren't noticed during construction.
  • You'll have documented proof of issues in your home.
  • You can fix issues before the warranty expires, saving you money.

Save yourself from the headache of discovering problems with your home after your warranty expires. Call us right away for more details.