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Spencer, WI is a cozy community with lots of unique history and charm. Established in the late 1800s, many of the early homes remain on the market. If you own property in Spencer, WI, or are considering a real estate purchase soon, never overlook the importance of a home inspection.

Contact Sun City Inspections to hire an experienced home inspector. We have several inspectors with roots in the Spencer, WI community. Call 608-354-5839 today to schedule an appointment.

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While older homes possess special charm, they require careful maintenance and attention. A home inspector from Sun City Inspections can help you:

  • Get a better sense of your future repair costs
  • Catch early warning signs of mold or radon
  • Ensure plumbing and electrical is up-to-date

Our office in Spencer, WI gives us firsthand knowledge of the properties in the area. Speak with us today to receive a free estimate on your home inspection services.